Skincare Declutter 2019 – the start to switch to animal testing-free care

Today we finally get down to business! A good two weeks ago, in my article entitled ” Change “, I told you why I would like to switch to animal-free skincare and cosmetics.

In the following post, you then learned how animal-free cosmetic and skincare products can be recognized. I have also given you helpful sources that have helped me incredibly with my research. Here you will find the article to read again.

In today’s post, we look at all of the care products in my bathroom and sort them out together. Please don’t be too scared! I was shocked when I saw all the products in one pile. πŸ˜€

This awaits you in this post

  • Skincare Declutter 2019 – everything comes together!
    • This is how I went about sorting out
    • My current attitude to DECIEM
    • Sort out hair care
    • Sort out personal hygiene
    • miscellaneous
    • Sort out facial care
      • Facial cleansing
      • Creams & Co.
      • Peels & masks


Skin care Declutter 2019

Phew, pretty frightening when you see the total amount of consumption in one place! I was really amazed at how many products have accumulated over time. Especially for the hair! I also packed hair products in this article … I really am not someone who regularly uses masks & co. My hair really rarely enjoys extra treatment. So I seriously wonder how such a lot of products could pile up. Shame on me! πŸ˜€


Skin care Declutter 2019

Before I started working on (sorting), I first thought about which products I use regularly or what things I can’t do without in the area of ​​care.

I immediately put aside new/unused products that are not animal-free or that the parent company carries out animal experiments. I will give it away or sell it if necessary.

I will use up heavily used things; insofar as they are still durable. Otherwise, they end up in the trash. Throwing away all products that are not cruelty-free ultimately does not help anyone! This has absolutely nothing to do with sustainability or common sense. After all, I left some money for the products when I bought them …

I will not buy the products of the non-animal-free brands. As soon as they are empty I will look for animal-free alternatives. With some care products, which I have been very happy to use so far, it will certainly be difficult to quickly find an adequate replacement. Nevertheless, I am firmly convinced that there are also excellent animal care-free care products, possibly even from the natural cosmetics sector.


At the moment I am still very undecided as to how I feel about Deciem … The Ordinary belongs to this brand. As you probably know, I’m a big fan of the label. Some care products and primers are an integral part of my care and make-up routine. The Ordinary products are cruelty-free, but the Estee Lauder group invests in Deciem and thus also in TO. As is known, Estee Lauder sells its beauty products in China and thus has animal experiments carried out.

The Ordinary is clearly against animal testing. For now, I am therefore leaving my existing The Ordinary products in my collection. I don’t want to do without the Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution blog post ) and the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution (blog post will follow in June at the latest!). I am also very happy with the primers and do not want to miss them at the moment.

As soon as I have used up the skincare and make-up products from The Ordinary, I will think again whether I will buy the products again or whether there are better, above all more worthwhile brands (at best without parent company). Sorry for this excruciatingly long sentence! πŸ˜€

From this problem you immediately notice that such a change is a process and takes time. I’m not putting myself under pressure. After all, skincare and make-up should continue to give me pleasure and not just drive beads of sweat onto my forehead …


Haircare Declutter 2019 switch to animal-free products

I’ve already told you that I rarely care for my hair very intensively. Therefore it is not necessary that I have so many products. That’s why I sorted out a lot of products. Many of the products actually belong to brands (or belong to a parent company) that carry out / commission animal experiments. Only sorting out the Kerastase mask was difficult for me, because I liked to use it, even if only once a month. πŸ˜€

Haircare Declutter 2019 switch to animal-free products
Haircare Declutter 2019 switch to animal-free products

However, some products may remain. I have to keep the Revlon spray first because it is the only way I can comb my hair properly after washing. But I will look around for an animal-free alternative as soon as possible. The Kerastase heat protection may also remain. I have already used it well and would, therefore, like to use it up. Hopefully I will find a similarly good product afterwards. πŸ™‚ I also use up the silver shampoo from Loreal, which by the way really does a great job. It is sufficient for a maximum of 3 applications. After that, I already have an animal-free alternative in my closet. I hope that this silver shampoo can convince me too!

Haircare Declutter 2019 switch to animal-free products


Body care Declutter 2019 switch to non-animal products

In my opinion, my personal care products are manageable. That is why I only sorted out a few products. I found the CeraVe cream really good. Too bad that it belongs to the Loreal group! Mixa also belongs to the Loreal Group, although the brand itself, according to its own statements, is cruelty-free. I still sorted out the cream because the ingredients left something to be desired … The tanning lotion from DM has expired and belongs in the trash. Also, I wouldn’t use it anyway because it contains DHA.

Body care Declutter 2019 switch to non-animal products

Things can also remain with personal care products that are not animal-free. I need them but I won’t buy them again. The Clarins Creme is almost empty, as is the Elisabeth Arden Creme. Incidentally, I cannot recommend this at all. There must be 1 million fragrances in it, as pungent as the product smells. URGH!

Body care Declutter 2019 switch to non-animal products

I didn’t sort out hand creams either, because I actually only have these three + one at work. I’ll take a closer look at the natural cosmetics range ..

Body care Declutter 2019 switch to non-animal products


Skin care Declutter 2019 switch to animal-free products

This “heap” consists of all sorts of things, such as masks, deodorants, perfumes and disinfectant gel. In fact, I almost didn’t sort out here. I’ll use up all the products.

Skin care Declutter 2019 switch to animal-free products


Facial care Declutter 2019 change to animal-free products

I have facial care products like sand by the sea! πŸ˜€ I just love this skin care category and like to try out new products. Nevertheless, I have also sold some products here.


Facial care Declutter 2019 change to animal-free products

I sorted out a few things for the facial cleansing products. Many of the products were still new and unused, so I will pass them on. I also sorted out The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser because it couldn’t convince me. You can find my contribution here, by the way .


I also sorted out face creams & Co. Clinique belongs to the Estee Lauder Group, which I would also no longer like to support in the future. That’s why I sorted out the creams that are very moisturizing.


I integrate peels and masks into my skin care routine several times a week. I would describe my collection as manageable.

Nevertheless, I was able to separate 3 products. The chemical peeling from Paula’s Choice is very old and should therefore be thrown away. I would also like to distance myself from Origins products because the brand also belongs to the Estee Lauder Group. I only used the Missha peeling very rarely, so that I could also separate myself from it.

Skin care declaration 2019 result

The beginning would have been made. I am happy with the result. I was able to separate myself from many products that are from non-cruelty-free brands / parent companies. A first step in the right direction! For the products that are not animal-free and that I will continue to use, I will look for animal-free alternatives in the future.

Do you think my skin care Declutter was successful ?! πŸ˜€

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