Skincare annual favorites 2019

Skincare has played a major role in my beauty routine in 2019. I have increasingly dealt with ingredients and finally found care products that my oily-combination skin tolerates well. I also have significantly better skin since the second half of the year. The first time in over 2 years after I stopped taking the pill! My pimples and underlay have become significantly less, which I attribute to my changing skincare. I would, therefore, like to introduce my absolute skincare favorites from 2019 to you a little more closely today.

If we don’t hear each other again, then I wish you a great turn of the year. Happy New Year! 🙂

This awaits you in this post

  • Facial care annual favorites 2019
    • Dermasence Phytosabal Creme and Seborra Roller
    • HADA Labo Cleansing Oil and Hyaluron Lotion
  • The Ordinary Chemical Peels
    • 3INA The Oil Drops Detox
    • Reusable make-up pads/microfiber cloths
    • hej organic skincare
    • Cosrx AHA / BHA toner
    • Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil
    • Favorite sunscreen 2019
    • Alterra anti-cellulite skin oil
  • Haircare annual favorite 2019
    • Maria Sheer Silver Shampoo


Let’s start with the most important category of my skin care. I tested some products here last year and many of them are an integral part of my current skin care routine.


Dermasence Phytosabal Cream and Seborra Acutroller Facial Care

I have been using this pharmacy skincare for 5 years. At that time, I was able to test some Dermasence products as part of a cooperation. The Phytosabal Creme and the Seborra Roller are my helpers in need! If I have more pimples (usually just before my period), I use the products to prevent worse. I only carry out the Seborra Roller [ Amazon ‘ ] selectively to problem areas. It is very effective and nips the inflammatory focus in the bud. For me, the two products are absolutely great!


HADA LABO Hyaluronic Lotion facial care

I got to know and love both products of the Japanese skincare brand in 2019. They are mildly formulated, have a great effect, and are affordable in price. I can only recommend it to everyone. You can conveniently order both products via Amazon. Here are the links to Cleansing Oil ‘ and Hyaluron Lotion’ .

Would you like to know more about the two products? Then take a look at my articles on ➔ HADA LABO Cleansing Oil and ➔ Hyaluron Lotion.


The Ordinary chemical peels skin care annual favorites 2019

2 chemical peels from The Ordinary accompanied me all year round. They have become an integral part of my weekly skincare routine and absolutely great! Since I have been using these products regularly, my skin has visibly improved. I tend to have fewer blemishes. I find them absolutely recommendable because they are not expensive and still have an excellent effect. For beginners, I would recommend the ➔ Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution (blog post) . If you already have experience with chemical peels, then take a look at the ➔ AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution (blog post) . You can buy the popular peeling solution here, for example.


3INA the oil drops detox face care oil

In the middle of the year, I discovered the young animal-free make-up and skincare brand at ASOS. Back then I ordered some ➔ 3INA products for testing (blog post) . I was particularly impressed by The Oil Drops Detox, which I continue to incorporate into my facial care routine. The delicate oil gives my skin more freshness, has regenerative properties, and protects against environmental pollution. I have a clear recommendation!


Reusable Zero Waste make-up removal pads

For me the most useful beauty tool 2019! Since I switched to the ➔ reusable make-up removal pads from pandoo (review) or have been using microfiber cloths [ Amazon ‘ ], I have no longer used conventional cotton pads for removing make-up. You can imagine how much garbage I save! I only use cotton pads to remove nail polish. In my opinion, the make-up remover pads also take off the skin much better than conventional cotton pads. Of course, they are also much more sustainable. I have washed them countless times – sure, they are no longer pure white, but their consistency has not changed. Absolute buy recommendation!


hej organic vegan facial care

It wasn’t until autumn 2019 that I discovered the affordable natural cosmetics skincare brand. The products come from Germany and are all cruelty-free and vegan. In addition, great ingredients are used. The light cream [ Amazon ‘ ] is perfect for my oily skin. It is very light, but it nourishes my skin well. You can find my experience with other hej organic products ➔ here.


Cosrx AHA / BHA toner face care

Cosrx is an absolutely terrific skincare brand from Korea, of which I now use some products. In 2020 I definitely want to show you more of the brand! The AHA / BHA toner is pleasant on the skin and removes dead skin cells. He also fights nasty underlays, which have become significantly less on my forehead since I added the product to my skincare routine.


Pai Skincare face care oil

Although I first had to get used to the smell of the product, Pai Oil is a great product, which is an integral part of my current skincare routine. It makes a “my skin butter better look”! I don’t want to tell you any more about this facial oil because a detailed review of this product will soon be waiting for you on my blog. The small size is available for example from [ Amazon ‘ ] .


Cosrx sunscreen favorite 2019

Two sunscreens from Korea are among my absolute favorites in 2019. In my review of the ➔ Missha sunscreen (to the post) I raved about it extensively. It is definitely a replacement product. I am currently using the Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream, which I find almost better than the sunscreen from Missha. The Cosrx cream does not know, is light as a feather on the skin, and is suitable as a make-up base.


When it comes to skincare on the body, I have only one really favorite. I was very enthusiastic about the Alterra anti-cellulite skin oil in 2019. Not because of the promise to reduce cellulite, but because of the great care. It is easy to spread (generally I prefer to use oils to care for my body) and cares for my dry skin on the legs incredibly well. It was temporarily unavailable, which is why I have not yet bought it again. According to the Rossmann online shop, it should now be available in the stores again. I will definitely buy it again in the new year.


In fact, in 2019 I only found one haircare favorite for me. But I also have to admit that I don’t spend much time there. However, I don’t want to withhold this one product from you.


Maria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoo Beauty Annual Favorite 2019

This shampoo has been specially developed to neutralize a yellow tint in blonde hair. The complete hair care series of the brand from Sweden is cruelty-free and vegan. The shampoo [ Amazon ‘ ] manages to neutralize my yellow tinge and cares for my hair at the same time. In addition, the ingredients are formulated much better than the silver shampoo from Loreal. So if you are looking for a good silver shampoo, I can absolutely recommend the ➔ Maria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoo (blog post). I think it is awesome!

Now you have an overview of my skincare and hair care favorites for 2019. Please tell me which skincare product really excited you this year! 🙂

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