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The natural cosmetics brand Hej Organic has already been seen on Instagram several times. The pretty packaging just catches your eye! The brand relies on the power of the cactus – I found this so unique that I tested several skincare products from the care series!

This awaits you in this post

  • The Hej Organic brand
    • Hej Organic The All-Rounder 24h Face Cream Cactus
    • Hej Organic Nourishing Face Tonic
    • Hej Organic The Unique Ghassoul Mask
    • Cherishing body lotion
    • Did I love natural skincare cosmetics?


Hej Organic natural cosmetics skin care with cactus

The German natural cosmetics brand impresses with its strong branding. All products from the cactus range (which, incidentally, is currently the only one available) are characterized by brown packaging with green letters. I find the design for a brand from natural cosmetics super modern and appealing.

Hej Organic cactus skin care series in the test

At the same time, all products have a distinctive fragrance: refreshing with a hint of lemon. I find it very pleasant, but of course, it’s a matter of taste!

Many products from the range are now available from DM (online or in stores). The online shop Flaconi and Amazon ‘also offer the products.

The promise

Hej Organic promise

100% vegan – natural ingredients – all active ingredient complexes of vegetable origin – use of oils and lipids

0% PEG’s, SLS or parabens – synthetic colors and fragrances – praraffins, silicones and mineral oil

The Hej Organic brand carries the following certifications

Hej Organic certifications

Vegan flower – organic seal – NATRUE seal


Hej Organic The All-Rounder Face Cream Cactus review

50ml | € 14.95 ➨ shop ‘

I start with my favorite product from the face care series.

The rich cream can be used as a day or night care. The prickly pear oil it contains helps the cells to regenerate. This makes the skin appear younger.

There is also prickly pear blossom water in the face cream. This ingredient is rich in essential fatty acids. It nourishes and protects the skin at the same time.

Facial care cream from Hej Organic with cactus in the test

Grapefruit extract is considered an antibiotic of nature and ensures clean skin. The contained argan oil creates a smooth, smooth skin.

The cream is very light and can be easily spread over the skin. As already mentioned, I like the fresh scent very much. The Hej Organic face care literally soaks up my skin! Afterward, it feels incredibly moist and well cared for. The All-Rounder 24h Face Cream Cactus is excellent if you are looking for a rich, yet light cream for your face!


Hej Organic Nourishing Face Tonic Review

150ml | € 7.95

This facial toner provides an extra portion of freshness – I particularly like this product in the morning. That really wakes the skin! 🙂

The face tonic, in turn, contains grapefruit extract and the floral water of the prickly pear. These Inci’s give the skin shine, elasticity, and moisturize. The complexion appears clear and even.

After using Hej Organic Facial Toner, the skin feels a bit sticky. This does not bother me, however, since after this step I continue to do routine skincare (serum – daycare – sun protection). I just wanted to mention it if someone doesn’t like that feeling.


Hej Organic Ghassoul Face Mask experiences

10g | € 2.45

This Moroccan clay mask binds grease and dirt. It ensures deep cleansing of the facial skin. After removing the mask, the skin should feel soft, flawless, and pure.

OMG, I used the mask before I took pictures. She totally surprised me and I absolutely have to buy it again. I already have experience with this type of self-mixing masks due to the use of the Luvos healing clay (review) .

As recommended on the website, I mixed The Unique Ghassoul Mask with the facial toner (half water – half tonic). The skin feeling is so pleasant – an absolute freshness kick. The mask dries quickly, after about 15 minutes it becomes crumbly (typical of such masks) and it is time to remove it with warm water.

Skincare from Hej Organic in the test

Losing weight with her bare hands turned out to be a bit difficult – the Moroccan clay is quite stubborn. 😀 But if you take a microfibre cloth in hand or the reusable make-up pads from pandoo (Review) , it works perfectly!

After the mask, my facial skin felt very well cleaned, refreshed, and soft (like a baby’s bottom!) . The skin feeling was really mega. An absolute recommendation on my part, if you don’t mind that you have to touch the mask yourself.


Hej Organic Body Lotion Cactus

200ml | € 12.95

The body lotion is supposed to provide a relaxed skin feeling and be moisturizing. Like the face cream I introduced to you at the beginning, it contains prickly pear seed oil, prickly pear blossom water, grapefruit extract and argan oil.

The light consistency can be spread well on the skin. The skin is well cared for – perfect for the warm season when you don’t want to use thick layers of cream. For autumn and winter it has to be a bit richer for me.


Natural cosmetics skin care by Hej Organic A conclusion

I can answer this question directly with YES! answer. I am absolutely satisfied with the affordable skin care from Hej Organic. I like what the brand stands for, the contemporary design and the effect of the products. The icing on the cake is that the products are affordable! My favorites from the cactus care series are the Face Cream and the Ghassoul Mask.

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