Animal-free cosmetics from 3INA

Although I am currently switching my cosmetics and skincare products to animal-free products, I have of course not lost the fun of new make-up.

I am still looking for exciting products. The change made me aware of many new (at least for me!) Brands. Among other things, the beauty brand 3INA , which I still don’t know well in Germany. I have tested several products from the range in the past few weeks. I would like to present these to you today in the form of short reviews.

This awaits you in this post

  • Interesting facts about the 3INA brand
    • 3INA 3 in 1 Foundation
    • The Concealer
    • The Essential Lipstick
    • The Volume Mascara
    • The Oil Drops Detox
  • My conclusion about 3INA


3INA cosmetics and skin care brand, cruelty-free facts

3INA would like to bring bright colors for every skin type to women/men. They also promise high-quality products at fair prices, all of which are made in Europe. 3INA is animal-free and does not use parabens . There are also many vegan products in the range. All product packaging is recyclable. The 3INA range is available from various online shops. For example at flaconi, Zalando Beauty and ASOS.

To test the brand, I ordered both cosmetics and a skin care product.


3INA 3 in 1 Foundation, cruelty-free review
  • can be used as a primer, concealer and / or foundation
  • moisturizing properties, SPF15
  • Free of parabens and animals, vegan
  • Contents: 30ml / price: approx.19.95 €
3INA 3 in 1 Foundation color 208 Swatch, cruelty-free

The clean, very attractively designed glass bottle has a pump dispenser. However, I only discovered this after repeated use. 😀 The consistency of the 3 in 1 Foundation is rather firm and does not run down the back of your hand. Color 208 fits my fair skin amazingly well. Choosing the colors turned out to be extremely difficult. There are numerous swatches of all makeup products on the 3INA website. However, numbers were assigned to the color nuances there. In some online shops, however, the products are offered with a color name. The choice of color is a real gamble.

3INA 3 in 1 Foundation, cruelty-free properties

With the help of my Real Techniques sponge, the make-up worked well into the skin. The formulation has a slight opacity. The Foundation is definitely not for a full coverage look. You can tell right away that this make-up, thanks to the fruit extracts, provides a lot of moisture. The finish is very glowy. And when I say a lot, I really mean it! 😀 Unfortunately, that’s why it does n’t work on my oily-combination skin. After just a few hours, the result is very greasy for me. The foundation appears to be floating on the skin. In addition, it disappears completely after a short time around the nose area. I really tested it a few times, but unfortunately, I have to see that it doesn’t work on my skin. Accordingly, I would not recommend it for oily-combination skin. With dry skin types, I can imagine that it conjures up a great, fresh result.


3INA The Concealer, cruelty-free review
  • conceals small blemishes
  • buildable opacity
  • Free of parabens and animals, not vegan (contains beeswax)
  • Contents: 5ml / Price: approx.9.95 € ”
3INA The Concealer color 102 Swatch, cruelty-free review

The color selection is currently very limited in the aforementioned online shops. As you will see in the Swatch, the color is too dark for me. Nevertheless, I used it as the “first” concealer under the eyes. The consistency is creamy and liquid and can be super blended into the skin. This 3INA product also has the feeling that the product provides moisture. It feels very comfortable under the eye.

3INA The Concealer, cruelty-free experiences

I would describe the opacity as light / natural. It is definitely not a full-coverage result. In the case of light shadows under the eyes or spot impurities, the opacity should be sufficient. The concealer does not completely cover my more visible eye shadows. Nevertheless, I can recommend it if you are looking for a concealer that covers very naturally.


3INA The Essential Lipstick Review
  • creamy, long-lasting texture
  • Satin gloss
  • Free of parabens and animals, vegan
  • Price: approx.5.95 €

There is a wide range of colors for this range of lipsticks. From classic nudes to striking red, there is something for everyone. The job is a bit difficult because the product feels waxy. Accordingly, it is not so easy to spread on the lips. Once the lipstick sits, it leaves a very neat look on the lips.

3INA The Essential Lipstick No. 105 Swatch

On the Swatch, you can see the color no. 105. For me, the Essential Lipstick is not a must-have product of the brand. In my opinion, there are better cruelty-free vegan lipsticks on the market.


3INA the Volume Mascara Review, cruelty-free cosmetics

3INA offers various mascara. Since I am always looking for volume-giving mascaras, I ordered the volume version.

  • noticeable volume, already with the 1st order
  • Free of parabens and animals, not vegan (contains beeswax)
  • Contents: 15.5ml (a lot of product!) / Price: approx.10.95 €
3INA the Volume Mascara Review, cruelty-free cosmetic brush

The clean packaging appeals to me very much. The monstrous eyelash brush, on the other hand, less … I have never even managed to apply the mascara cleverly. Every time I smeared ink on my eyelid. An absolute no-go for me! Removing mascara residues from the lid is tedious even with a Q-tip and anything but fun. In addition, the 3INA Volume Mascara only gives minimal volume. Nothing for which the effort to reach for the Q-Tip would be worthwhile. In addition, the ingredients are now not the burner … So I would not buy the mascara again.

3INA the Volume Mascara Review, cruelty-free cosmetics


3INA The Oil Drops Detox skin care experience
  • rich in antioxidants
  • contains argan and sweet almond oil
  • suitable for all skin types
  • Free of parabens and animals
  • Contents: 15ml / price: approx.14.95 €
3INA The Oil Drops Detox skin care experience

The oil appealed to me both visually and because of its regenerative properties and the promised protection against environmental pollution.

3INA The Oil Drops Detox skin care oil recommendation

3INA The Oil Drops Detox Oil has a very delicate, non-intrusive scent. The consistency is very pleasant and the oil can be easily distributed on the skin. It leaves a great glow! This visually gives the skin more freshness. My skin did not react to the nourishing oil with irritation or impurities. I currently very much use the 3INA Drops in my morning routine. For this, I put 2-3 drops in the palms of my hands and massage the oil into my facial skin. Then I apply further care and sun protection ( my favorite sunscreen ) . You definitely have my go for this oil! 🙂


I really like the clean design of the products. Another positive aspect is that the company is cruelty-free, does not use parabens, many products are vegan and all packaging is recyclable. The cosmetic products frankly didn’t knock my socks off. They are by no means bad, but neither are they must-have products for me. I was very enthusiastic about the Oil Drops Detox, which I currently use every day and can definitely recommend!

Have you encountered the 3INA beauty brand before?

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